Week 1: Setting Myself Up for Success!

So far this week I’ve done the following:

  • Opened a bank account and savings account as another bank.  (ex works for the one we had and I want no chances he has secret access lol!!)
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Signed up and configured Mint (as written in previous post)
  • Made an appointment to consign my old clothes
  • Lowered my two cell phones to the lowest plan available for what we need
  • Started implementing a weekly menu
  • Started a grocery list
  • Signed up for SouthernSavers.com a grocery saving site with coupons!
  • Started collecting the grocery flyers from the two stores I use for menu planning.
  • Downloaded Gas Buddy (an app) on my phone to search for lowest gas prices based upon my GPS location
  • Started this blog for my own accountability

Off to a good start!!

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