Connections! Connections!

So yesterday I minimized. It was nerve wracking at first because afterall it IS Craigslist. But the gentleman and his sister who came to grab my things were actually really sweet! 

He was newly divorced himself and he grew dedicated to filling his time giving back and helping people. He collects things off Craigslist, Freecycle, yard sales etc to help build apartments for shelters and those he meets along the way who need a little helping hand. I think thats why I gave so much! I would be helping someone else and that made me happy. 

He noticed my balcony though was bare and my bed is on the floor, well my mattresses are. As we shared our divorce stories, he said “you work hatd raising your boy. You need a timeout place. You gave to me now Ill give to you”

I have an appointment with him and his sister to put up a bamboo blind to block the sun, a small table, and two chairs on my patio so I can drink my wine and relax…finally!! He surprised me even more by offering a bed frame. I am so thankful we met. Im going to continue to go through my things and minimize. Another thankful thing I received was a place I could sell my vintage watches. All and all…..

Great Day!

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