Out with the old and in with the new

I have had the same bank account for years. However, seeming my ex works for the bank, I’m taking no chances.

So I opened up two new accounts at two seperate banks. One in state and one out of state (I know the branch manager hehe). One in my home state is for savings mainly even though a checking account. I use it to stash money away. I have a certain amount transferring each paycheck to it and because I don’t have direct access…I won’t touch it! I also have a checking locally at another bank. I got free checking on both, I did not order checks for either, I have no debit for the one out of state, I have my photo on my second debit card for additional security and I feel much freer! I think freer is a word…lol

But I like it because it has text alerts to let me know my daily balance each day as well as any transactions that go through over a certain dollar amount. This helps me be constantly aware of my money and on top of things being paid.

See if your bank offers a text/email feature when you login to your online banking. I can specify dollar amounts for transfers, deposits, or payments.


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