Home Made Sunday!

I was busy busy Sunday! I had a very busy Saturday too though. I worked 6 hours. Woohoo overtime! Gotta love it. Then got dark curtains to keep my house cooler, a bedskirt for $4.99 SCORE! to hide the ugly rails of my free bedframe, and got a dish rack. I disconnected my dishwasher and will now handwash my dishes.

Got all my chores done today too plus made my own laundry detergent about 3 gallons, a gallon of yogurt, and all purpose cleaner. 

I went to the Dollar Store for cheapy things like toothbrushes, shampoo, bodywash, sandwich bags and a gallon jug for my yogurt. I lost the lid to my other one 😦  then went to Kroger for their sale on fresh raspberries 10/$10 which I froze half. Then Aldi for everything else. I had a $100 budget total for two weeks and ended up spending $101.49…not bad!

Overall its a good day! See how to make the above in my recipe page.

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