Indoor/Outdoor Delishness!

Planted my indoor/outdoor garden with my girlie today! So far I have:

Cilantro, Basil, Rosemary,Thyme, Parsley, Jalepeno Peppers, Red Leaf lettuce, Wheat Grass, Pickling Cucumbers, and Chamomile.

I got all seeds except my Rosemary and Basil as I find them hard to grow from seeds. Best part was…all my containers were free!! All I did was ask at the nursery lol!! I got as many plastic trays as I wanted to start my seedlings. Big money saver!

Thankfully, this time of year I can keep them on my porch for awhile because the sun isnt scorching hot. I got a free bakers rack for my kichen to transfer them indoors for the winter.

Now to come up with inexpensive recipes for it all!




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