Fab Find Alert: DIY Kid Workspace

So my son is growing up FAST and needed a quiet space of his own afterschool. I wanted a nice space for him seeming school is a chore, so I thought of checking Ikea. Great idea I had!!! Go me!

He designed his own desk! He chose his table top color, his leg color and his chair. Its all DIY, comes in pieces, and not expensive at all. Now, I know I probably could’ve gotten one for free off Craigslist or some site similar, but I wanted him to be proud of his space and of his own design. Then he will be more apt to use it!



White Tabletop was $15.99
Red Legs $3.50 each
Swivel Green Chair $7.99

We painted a soup can with leftover paint for his pens and pencils and he used colored markers to recolor a white mousepad I had lying around. I had a printer prior to marriage lying around and It’ll work just fine for what he needs. He has a laptop and a gaming desktop sent by my father for working for him all summer, so he has it made.

He was so excited to do his homework today! For less than $50.00 he now has a space that will carry him through middle school.


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