Get Cozi…

I NEVER have enough time, I’m always running, and by God if I forget something…its catastrophic because I’m just well… person.  So I was researching calendar apps on my phone and came across Cozi.  AMAZING!!  Cozi is a calendar application available on most phones.  It’s a FREE app, but you have the option to pay for more features.  It’s simple to setup.  I imported my son’s school calendar, entered his sports schedule and game schedule, imputed grocery days, coupon days, appointments, deadlines, bill due dates, made an ongoing To Do list.  It allows you to download this app on multiple phones so you can assign tasks or let others know what is on their schedule.  I cannot wait to show my boy!  It will teach him responsibility from knowing his schedule, what to expect for the week, and I can assign him chores or tasks that he can manage through this app.


Another really good aspect of this app is they have a section for recipes and other cool mommie info that pulls from their website.  For me, its my go to app.  I set it up so I get text messages and emails 2 days before every bill is due, appointment, or schedule.


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