Regroup, Reorganize, Refocus

So, I have pretty much let this blog go over the past eight months.  I got overwhelmed and busy beyond belief, but I think I’m at a place where I can honestly start dedicating once a week at least to writing my blog and holding myself accountable.  I’m a very private person and this is hard for me.  It is letting people know how vulnerable I am and that well….sucks!  So let me recap what I’ve done or not done over the past few 8 months.

  • I have acquired a very necessary debt called Medical Bills!! Oh joy!  But in all honesty, I am happy about it.  My son has always had severe ADHD, but my being a protective mommie always avoided and refused to medicate him.  I would get with school, make changes to his learning, add strategies that worked for me (I had ADD diagnosed at age 7 unmedicated), and got him a mentor.  Things work for a while, then stop working, so we switch gears and it works for a while then nothing.  Finally the last straw was his home room teacher requesting that he be moved to another classroom because she couldn’t handle him anymore!!! I didn’t even know this happened until he was in this new classroom with a new teacher for almost 2 weeks.  My boy just has low self-esteem, he shuts off when anxious or nervous, and he argues relentlessly.  That’s it!  I was floored!  But it was a wake up call.  After much prayer, communication, and research, I decided to go ahead and medicate.  He needed help and quick.  He will be starting Middle School this year and I know how kids are.  BEST decision I ever made.  But it added $245 per month to my expenses.
  • I got a raise at work! about .60 cents per hour
  • I added health insurance this year for the first time in 8 years.  We were always on my former husband’s insurance.  We went uninsured from October-December of 2013 because he lost his job (karma’s a bitch huh!). It added $214 per month to my expenses.
  • My son spent his entire summer in Boston!  Just like he did last year.  He loves it and it is so good for him to recharge, relax, spend time with family, and take a break.  But with unaccompanied minor fees added to his ticket costs, I added one expense of $530 for two one way tickets.  But it’s not all that bad considering I had three choices.  1.  Daycare at $190/wk 2. Summer Camp at $300+ per week or 3. He stays home completely alone all day every day for his summer.  I THINK NOT!  lol
  • My hours at work changed from 8-5 to 830-530 which helps me in more ways than one.  It allows me to get my son on the bus in the morning, leave in less traffic at night, I don’t have to rush in the morning, and I get more morning time with my son.  LESS STRESS!
  • Because my boy was in Boston for the summer, I decided to cancel his cell phone seeming I can just call my family’s cells and reach him.  This saved me a total of $105 these three months.
  • I cleaned closets and redid my sons bedroom.  Gearing up for a new school!  My big boy is in Middle School this year entering the sixth grade.  I think its time I got rid of his Spongebob comforter don’t you think?
  • Donated a lot of old clothes to Goodwill
  • Started making laundry soap and yogurt again!  My sons now on a restricted diet due to his medicine and controlling his temper which means homemade recipes and more home cooking.  Good for you though! because I’ll be posting my recipes and rare finds for feeding a child on ADHD. -no sugar, red dye, blue dye, caffeine etc UGH!

So there’s a recap of my fun-filled eight months.  I also have started dating again and what a hassle that is!  More on that later…lol

So a lot has happened, but it all happens for a reason.  I’m trying hard to get back on track with my life seeming my son comes home in just 2 short weeks.  I have 2 weeks to regroup, reorganize, and refocus. 😉


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