Broke on Payday? Find Cheap Bones!

Ya know when you have that one paycheck that seems to be gone before you even get close to payday?   You’re in a bind and panicking over how to buy food for the next few weeks.  GET CREATIVE with cheaper choices that are super yummy if you get creative with uses and ingredients.

‘Soup bones’ that you find at the grocery store don’t have much food value at all, but you can boil them and crack them to get the marrow. Mix the marrow into the boiling liquid and use this a base for soups. If you add barley, noodles, or vegetables to your soup along with the marrow, it will taste like a hearty meat stew. I got 8 marrow bones that were bigger than my fist for $2.00 total.  I used 2 to make my broth and froze the rest.  Fantastic sub for beef bouillon and cheaper than buying beef.  All the flavor without the cost and you won’t even taste the marrow, just beef!


Also, growing up, these are fantastic treats for your dogs!  We used to give these to them instead of the overpriced commercial marrow bones. The dogs cannot break the bones and they last a long time.

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