Fresh Homemade Butter

I decided I would make butter last night. Surprisingly, it came out AWESOME!!!!

You need:
Glass jar with lid
Whipping cream

Thats it! Pour half way and shake, shake, shake. About 5-6 minutes. When its harder to shake its turning into a mayo-like consistancy, open the jar and tighten the lid again to let access air and pressure out. Tighten the lid, slam the bottom on the counter to loosen the sides and shake with your hands holding the lid and bottom of the jar. Shake vigerously against the sides of the jar…….after 1min your buttermilk will seperate from the fat leaving you with a lump of butter.

Put butter into a sealable container and chill. I save my old butter tubs. It will last about 7-8 days.


Plus!!! You get about a cup of free fresh buttermilk! SCORE!


REMEMBER: there is no sugar, salt, preservatives in the butter so it will taste different. But works the same.

Whipping cream was $1.49 much less than a tub of butter. No added anything which is much better for you.

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