2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Recap- 1 Month for $150

  1. Folks she learned from the best! Laureen growing up spent a lot of time with aunty. I was also a single mom of two children…With a boyfriend whom also has two children. I would like to think I’m frugal, very frugal as I make a lot of items…I’m a home made cook, I sew, make jewelry, scrapbook, garden and more. I worked two jobs most of the time to raise my children on lakes which came with high rent but I figured all our fun times would be free. We always felt like we lived like we were camping 24/7. So you can imagine the company we used to have to feed! I am proud to say I did not spend large amounts of money each month. Most months I never went over 250.00! Our cupboards and fridge was always full, we never went hungry, always had snacks. I’m so glad to see Laureen has the survival tools she needed when times got tough! I love you and very proud of you sweety!


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