Frozen Meal Planning!

So I got enough meat during my shopping trip to make meals all month long and keep them in my freezer. This makes my life a whole lot easier during my work week.

I have 4 6-7lb whole chickens. I cooked one chicken this weekend. I got the following just from the one chicken:

– Two large containers of chicken broth
– Two sandwiches of chicken salad
-Enough for lunch with leftover carrots
-Enough for dinner for my son and I for two nights

I put the chicken in a large pot whole and washed. I added garlic powder, chicken bouillon, and a whole container of parsley and simmered for 1hr. It is the juiciest chicken!! And cheap!

Total cost: $7


Then I had a 3lb bulk package of ground beef. I had enough to make 2dz meatballs for my sauce, small meatloaf, and taco meat.

Total cost: $6.29


I also made spaghetti sauce using my gramma Ruby’s famous recipe. I got 5 containers of sauce probably enough for 4 meals each!

Total cost: $7.09


I made enough using basics to feed us all month for less than $21.00!

Granted I make other things for variety, but when push comes to shove and times get tough, we can eat good if this is all I have 🙂

Keep in mind my prices dont include things I already had on hand like for the meatballs….eggs, breadcrumbs, etc.

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