My Busy Weekend (bread recipe)

I got a lot done this weekend! Very productive I must say. I have started a few new things, discovered things and even plan on trying new things.

One thing I did, that if my projections are correct, will save me 20-30 dollars per month on my electric bill. My dryer I have had since I was pregnant little over 12 yes ago so its not that energy efficient. I also hate ironing so I’ll run it to dewrinkle clothes. Big money guzzler! My appliances are 48% my monthly bill and I’m sure this is the culprit, but we shall see!

I bought a three arm drying rack at Walmart. It is a lot like the display racks at the store. Its a tripod base with three arms to hang clothes. I figured this was good in more ways than drying my clothes. #1 they are air drying naturally without super hot electricity #2 I have to put them on hangers to dry for easy putting away later, #3 they don’t have wrinkles because they aren’t sitting in the dryer as I typically forget on a regular basis or they stay in the basket because I hate folding. Win win for me!

I’m going to calculate after my next billing cycle is over in another week. Then I’ll track the next two bills.

Secondly, I found a new bread recipe for Artisan Bread that totally works for me and my schedule. You just can’t screw this bread up and it takes less that 5 min to prepare.

No Knead Artisan Bread
-3 1/2 cups flour
-1cup hot water
-1tsp salt
-1 pkg dry active yeast.

Mix yeast water until thoroughly mixed. Add flour and salt. Mix just enough to incorporate the flour. Leave in its bowl and cover. Do cover airtight. I just did loose plastic wrap. Sit in the fridge for minimum 2hrs. The longer it sits, the better tasting bread. After 2hrs, split dough in half. Form into a ball. Score an X on the top and put on a stone or cookie sheet and bake at 425 for 30 min. Let cool and store in Tupperware container. The remaining dough will last in the fridge for two weeks until you need more bread.


I also made yogurt and started a Home Management Binder! But I’ll do a separate post on that later. =)

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