4 thoughts on “Epic Fail…..Celery

  1. What happened was that the stalk was cut too short for regrowing. Next time look at the end of the celery before you buy it. There are some with more of the root end than others. Around the outside edge you should see some small hair like growths. That’s the roots. If you don’t see any then they’ve all been cut off.

    The only way to actually re grow a celery is to put it into soil as soon as you see roots growing. It is kept in water only long enough to start the new roots. Harvested celery you purchase hasn’t been grown in water alone so we can’t expect a second growth to work in water alone either.


  2. It was store bought, it was a clean end like it was cut with a knife. I tried it, It failed. Grrr. oh well, I tried. Thank you for the information though! At least I will know what to look for.


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