Long Time No Talk!

Hello Lovelies,

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote here.  Life hasn’t really been that busy, but it has been relaxing and peaceful.  I got myself all in a tizzy a few weeks ago contemplating filing bankruptcy which is still a viable option.  I’m sitting on that for a while and really giving this thought.  My lease renewed last week and it went up $50! which was expected,  but hey on the bright side I have a free carpet cleaning. I will have one more year here and then I’ll be researching home rentals or a small home I can buy.

My garden is in full swing!  A lot of activity, I am super excited.  My snap peas are growing nicely and they are almost over a foot high.  Now I need to get a trellis for them to climb on.  My tomato plants have flowered so I am really hoping to see those soon.  The jalapeno plant too has flowers.  My herbs are amazing and very fragrant and I’m ELATED that the squirrel family hasn’t attacked my garden as of yet. (KNOCK ON WOOD)


But I’ve been a hell of a lot more mindful of my spending.  I’m noticing at lease almost $50-$60 I’m carrying over paycheck to paycheck.  I’m using more cash, eating out less, making more food from scratch which all in all has curbed our eating a ton.

I’m just plain flippin happy lately.  =)

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