The Organizing Fool I’ve Become!

So lately I’ve been getting addicted to YouTube.  I watch it almost daily.  I found this woman who is a new  mama, is a teacher, and a thrift store junkie.  Doitonadime is her name on YouTube and she is amazing!  I’ve learned so many tips and tricks from her.  I’ve used a lot of her techniques in my home.  She shops primarily at Dollar Tree and Goodwill using decor, bins, baskets, gadgets, and useful items to organize her home, streamline her home/cleaning/family, and make things just plain easy.  On one of her videos she does a home tour.  Check that out!!  Her home is gorgeous! and almost all is DIY or thrift store bargains.

I’ve copied some of her videos and have done the following this past weekend:

  • Organized under my sink
  • Organized my junk drawer
  • Organized my fridge (including lined my shelves with pretty placemats)
  • Created a Life Station on my kitchen counter like she does on the side of her fridge (bills/home management binder/office essentials)
  • Created a coffee station (im an addict so this makes sense for me)
  • Purged my closets
  • Organized my bathroom cabinets
  • Added decor to my home from Goodwill
  • Use a lot of products she did reviews for from Dollar Tree

I also search on Pinterest too for neat ideas.  I want to try covering the front doors of my fridge with pretty patterned contact paper.  I’ll post pics of that when I find paper I like.

Clutter in our lives creates unnecessary chaos and makes you feel overwhelmed when you look around your home.  By organizing and spending as little money as possible doing it, makes me feel I’ve basically got my shit together!  and that my friend……is GOLD as a single mama! =)

***pictures of what I’ve done so far -coming soon!

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