March Update-A lot has happened…


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, December I believe.  Primarily because, well, God has a funny actually hilarious way of throwing us curveballs LOL!  My life is no where close to what I had imagined for myself back when I started blogging last Fall.  In fact, my life is drastically different.

    • Got engaged Dec. 8th
    • He bought my son and I a beautiful home in the best part of the city
    • Gave up my apartment (my comfort zone & he hated it)
    • Planning our wedding


That’s a lot of CHANGE!!!!  But I truly believe that I for once am listening, praying, believing in myself and following God’s plan for me.  It would be too long to type, but every step of our relationship God has made his presence.  The best part of this whole experience or multiple experiences is that I don’t have to change, hide or give up a part of myself.  He absolutely adores everything about me.

We stumbled across this house by accident.  A lot had to be done to it.  It was a fairly new house being built in 1996, 4br, 2 bath.  Near the best school in our city and in a highly sought after neighborhood.  People from California were looking at this house!

      • We recaulked the kitchen counters and around the appliances as the original owners did it sloppy and in some areas gooped it on.
      • We fixed the crack in our countertop because the owners caulked it and covered it with shipping tape (i kid you not!)
      • Bleached the floors as they looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time and yes, yes, they even caulked a section of the tile instead of grout. (sigh….)
      • Replaced the 1980’s gold ceiling fan with a new brushed nickel and chocolate brown one
      • Replaced the 1980’s gold chandelier with a new modern drum shade one
      • Shampooed the carpets
      • Repainted the whole interior
      • Scoured, scrubbed, degreased all kitchen cabinets
      • Polished the kitchen cabinets with Murphey’s Oil Soap
      • Relandscaped the front yard with solar up lights and mulch

We did all the work ourselves with exception to painting. He wanted to just hire someone, but me being a penny pincher rolled up my sleeves and said Let’s Go! We hired a small local company and it wasn’t even that costly.  We are so happy we DIY’d a lot because now, we are proud of our home.  We made it ours.

Next on the agenda

      • Re-seeding the lawn
      • Building my backyard garden
      • Building my medicinal herb garden
      • Adding potted flowers
      • Giving TLC and lots of love to the ROSE BUSH!  that is in my backyard which was quite a surprise =)
      • Adding flowers along our walkway in the front yard

Wedding wise, we’ve made all of our deposits.  I paid for my dress, bridesmaids paid and chose their dresses, I’ve purchased little things here and there and now we wait.  Even my wedding is on a budget and a small one at that.  $10k for 75-80 guests at a hotel in the business district of the city.  Let’s party like Gatsby!!!  Yes, a 1920 Gatsby wedding YAY!  and so far so good too

But, my fiance is a trucker in the oilfield.  He is gone a lot which leaves me alone a lot.  But after being married, divorced, devastated, alone, ok, inspired, and finding myself again, I can honestly say……I LOVE IT!!  It gives us enough time together, enough time apart.  Yes, he makes great money.  But do you know how hard it is to budget an unreliable income that takes weeks to actually get???? My gosh! So I still live by my Home Management Binder

So while he is gone working, I will be blogging.  I’ve implemented that we stay as a family and do family things when he is home because he has a son as well.  When he is gone, I DIY, organize, etc.   Best of both worlds.  So while the focus of my blog remains the same, I’ll be adding elements of my journey into my second marriage which still encompasses a lot I did as a single mama.

Though technically not a single mama, 4-5 weeks at a time……I live like one.

See you soon!

**FYI I changed the URL to match the title of this blog.  In doing so, I lost some images.  If you come across a post with a broken image link, please let me know and I will try and find the image and reupload it.  Thank you!

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