Update: Home Management Binder

I updated my binder a few weeks ago now that we are living in a home and I’ve acquired triple the house and double the expenses.  I have added numerous categories and have taken out the ones I rarely used.  There are hundreds if not thousands of free printables online, but tailoring it to meet your families needs is key! They all look pretty and nice, but I assure you that if it isn’t something important that you are willing to dedicate a few moments to each day, don’t waste the ink.  Chances are, you won’t use it.

Here is what my binder used to look like (click here)

Here is what I’ve changed.  I’ve upgraded to a 3″ from a 1″ binder.


  • School
  • To Do
  • Home
  • Auto
  • Goals
  • Food
  • Budget
  • Serve/Charity
  • Church
  • Medical
  • Subscriptions
  • Contracts
  • Manuals/Warranty
  • Work

11145989_10205557717935151_1384033114_n  11157937_10205557718535166_2122851378_n 11124546_10205557718615168_289668313_n 11121896_10205557717775147_478257901_n 11092932_10205557717895150_1846272883_n 11118270_10205557695014578_3291663_n


Ill be creating a landscaping binder soon now that we have done a lot of work in our yard and garden.  Also, my fiance is an owner/operator in the oil field and we have created a company name to separate liabilities and expenses from our home.  I’ll have three binders total when all is done and created. This keeps my mind straight, quick references at a glance, and allows me to be mindful of expenses and tasks that I want to accomplish throughout the week.  I do still work a full time job and I commute, so this keeps my sanity!

More to come!

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