Wedding Food Costs What????????

So we’ve chosen our menu for the wedding and MY LORD!  $32/person for CHICKEN!!  After I got over the culture shock and after hearing from Babyloves have a heart attack on the phone ( he was away) I came to my senses and created our menu.  There was no way this was going to be a budget dinner or a cheap dinner.  It is what it is.  So I made changes and adapted to the situation.  GO ME!

When I booked my venue I got a catering menu.  This was in February 2015.  Now there is a new catering manager and he sent me a revised 2015 catering menu with new choices and higher prices.  Ummmmm no!  I got them to honor the old menu and ultimately it will save me $18/person on the same damn dish.

We and I say We because I kept taking pictures of all he courses and options, getting his input by text and incorporating his likes/dislikes.  We chose a custom menu that reflected both of our tastes and our LOVE for fresh local food.  The venue’s chef outsources a lot of its ingredients from local farmer’s markets and our selections reflect the tastes of the North Dallas area.

Cocktail Hour
passed hors d’oeuvres of shrimp cocktail shooters and smoked salmon on crostini with an arugula yogurt sauce.

1st Course
Tomato Basil Soup

2nd Course
Fresh Salad from local farmers with seasonal berries, fresh creamy feta cheese, and a balsamic reduction

3rd Course
Mediterranean Stuffed Grilled Chicken with prosciutto, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese
-served over grilled garlic asparagus with citrus basil jasmine rice

………and of course CAKE!

Our cake was gifted so that is free.  The above meal selection comes with a dessert which I’ve eliminated saving $2/person.  If you’re planning a wedding be sure to eliminate from the catering menu to reduce your food budget.  You do not have to take everything offered just because it is offered.  My first wedding I got rid of the ice cream served with cake and saved $1/per.  Now its the dessert which were pies saving me $2/per.  See what you can get away with.  It can’t hurt.

Total per person cost is $30.  Not bad, but hey this is the LAST TIME I will ever, ever, EVERRRRR get married.  This is the second time for both of us and the last time.  EAT UP PEEPS!! Enjoy!


One thought on “Wedding Food Costs What????????

  1. Well done! I had a frugal wedding. A friend made our cake, another friend prepared the food (lasagna, breadsticks, salad), our parents each made dessert (their signature dishes), and we had a candy bar. It was a lot of work and coordination. If there were a next time, I’d probably go your route 😉


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