Fall Update: Wedding Plans and a 5 Year Plan

Hello Lovelies,

It has been so long since I’ve posted, I’m sorry.  My time has been spent dealing with needless family/friend drama and a ton of DIY for our Great Gatsby 1920’s wedding.  We are now 12 days away and I’m extremely antsy.  I’ve done 90% of this wedding myself and by myself.  I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished in this short amount of time.  We’ve managed to pay for the entire wedding in cash!  No debt will come of this wedding day =)  I’ve done my own centerpieces, hair pieces, menus, signage, invitations, candle holders, and brooch bouquets.

Our finances are still really good.  While all of our extra income is going towards the wedding, we have not accumulated any more additional debt.  So once wedding day hits, we will be no worse off.  Child support ended mid August so we will truly feel like we are moving ahead after October 10th.  It will put $3600 a month back in our pockets.  YES!!!!! We’ve been conversing a lot and having pretty lengthy conversations as babydoll is in East Texas working.  We really feel pulled towards the homesteading lifestyle even more now than before.  His job in the oil field is affected by lowered gas prices and the price of oil.  So it fluctuates a ton.  By adopting a more self-reliant lifestyle, it will enable him to not stress so much over the fluctuation, but give us more peace of mind.  Especially seeming we’ve been trying for more childen.  We’ve been researching land and a place to strive for.  Our forever home would be a few acres, just enough animals to feed us and maybe just a few to raise and sell.  And more importantly, to be more than 50% self-reliant.  Hopefully that number will increase but I do NOT want to be completely off grid.  I just know I wouldn’t be happy.  I am and always will be a partial homesteader as neither of us grew up that way.  I  need my Pandora, Hulu,  and internet dammit!  But all else, we can swing.  We’ve chosen not to buy the home we are in.  It is a lease to own property and we’ve given ourselves the 5 year plan.  My son will graduate, both vehicles paid off, and no debt.  It’s a perfect timeframe and will ensure we start on the right foot.  So while this blog started off as my being a single mama on one income, it is slowly morphing into my being a married mama on one income.  Just as my personal story states, I’m a HUGE advocate for the independent mama who can kick ass in life and own it.  But now I’ve added a twist.

That’s all I have for now.  More to come with Fall starting.  This time of year I cook, DIY Christmas gifts, and fill my freezers with ready to go meals.  Stay tuned for wedding pics!

I’ll give you a peak!

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