Monday Ramblings & Apple Tea

Hello Lovelies,

As I sit here with my steamy cup of Crisp Apple Tea, it feels as though I always let life get in the way of the little things that make me happy.  The things I truly enjoy.  I always lived for my 5’4″ baby and now my new husband and when I get some down time, something comes up or is needed and I sit my tea down again and have at it.  I’m anxious for the day where I can stop working. We’ve decided that once we become with child, my working days are done.  I didn’t have the luxury of staying home with my first son and have spent many years as a single mama, so this will be quite a change for me.  I’ve worked since I was 16 years old.  But now that we have been trying for a year, it’s always on my mind.  I often think to myself all the things I could do if I didn’t have to work until 630pm.  If I didn’t have to jam pack my day.  I often think that if I didn’t work, I could devote more time to blogging, my writing poetry, my gardening, my house.  But that is still such a ways away and it does make me sad at times because throughout my married, separated, divorced, single, dating, engaged, married journey I’ve truly listened to not only what I want, but what I need.  I’ve noticed little things I didn’t before and I really try to pay attention.  It’s hard to live in the moment, when every moment is planned.  I’ve noticed that I get a sense of peace when I walk outside to the mailbox, take a deep breath, and breathe.  I’ve realized that I love sitting on my patio with a hot cup of coffee/tea and watch the blackbirds have a morning chat on the chimney tops of our neighbors.  Little things that have made me smile and have made me realize that things that made me smile before do not seem that important.  I drive to work with my window cracked to let the fresh air in and I notice the wisp of leaves that are tossed across the road as I drive on a side street.  I love this feeling and I want more of it.  Slowly, I’ve been working on time management.  I’m always in a hurry, I’m always pressed for time running until the very last few ticks of the clock before my deadline.  I’m not kidding!  It’s exhausting when I think about it.  So since wedding time is over THANK GOD!  I’m 2 weeks into married life and I’m re-thinking a lot.  My husband has now left for work, he left last Monday right after our honeymoon, and I now have a lot of free time.  Time to ponder, nit pick, think, re-organize, de-clutter, re-think, redo and what ever other word that fits lol.

I did quite a bit this weekend actually.  My son is medicated for his severe ADHD and while we were on our honeymoon, neither my son nor my mother remembered his medication!!  SO as you can imagine, last week was hell.  He was all over the place, homework battles, classroom antics, and even in-house suspension.  So in an effort to get him back on track, he is now where he should be medication wise and together we created a space just for HIM.  I had my den which we’ve left empty for those who spent the night.  We cleared out what little was in that room, placed my old dining room table (not old, but from my apartment) in there with a chair, some desk accessories such as a picture of us at Rainforest Cafe as a family, supplies, and even a few teacher inspirational boards I hung on the wall.  I found this cute wall decal at Target.  It’s a decal of the world and each of the islands and countries are a separate decal.  You line it up on the wall, then peel back the film.  But the film takes a little more muscle to get off and in turn takes the countries off with it unless I pry them apart.  Needless to say, this is an awful decal and I don’t recommend them to anyone!  If your decal comes in pieces and it’s from Target (about $24.99) re-think the purchase.  I ended up tossing it because  I got pissed because I ended up ripping Australia LOL They are not easy peel.  Overall though we are thrilled with the end result.  We have future plans to search for a small plush rug, either a bean bag or some pillows, and a small bookcase to house his books to create a reading/relax/chill out space.  To create even more of a relaxing space I ordered a small Zen Garden which is the same one in his psychiatrists office that he plays with frequently.  I also found a water fountain to further create his calm space.  So far so good, few more finishing touches and his homework/study room will be complete.


After a few cups of apple tea on Saturday early afternoon, I decided that I would go to the new Dollar Tree.  My son’s soccer game got cancelled and what a wonderful idea that the coaches came up with to have the kids go to their home and watch, analyze, and discuss a professional soccer game!  He was thrilled and so was I because this meant 3 hours of just moi.  I went to Dollar Tree and Target.  I found some really pretty red florals at Dollar Tree mixed with a few gold ones, some gold glittered pine cones, and a tube of gold ornaments.  I thought they would make a beautiful Christmas wreath for my front door.  All in all I spent $15 to make it and spent the late afternoon with a glue gun.  It came out beautiful!  And my husband was shocked I even made it.  I’m not exactly crafty and I hate artsy, frilly, time-consuming crafts.  But I’m in love with it.


Lastly, we are in the midst of my favorite season, Fall.  I’ve let go of the coffee addiction for just a few months and have welcomed my beloved Crisp Apple Tea.  It reminds me of home (Northern MA), falling leaves, crisp cool air, fireplaces, a calmness, morning frost, candle light,  bath robes, fuzzy slippers, blankets on the couch, and peace.  It’s warm and welcoming.  It definitely calms me, but my coffee addiction will prevail come end of December. So right now, I just enjoy it and savor it.

I’m still writing my numerous posts that I’ve been working on.  Our wedding post, our honeymoon post, and I’ve also started shopping for my seeds to make mini greenhouses for the winter.  So they will hopefully make it up in the before the weekend.   So stay tuned!

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