DIY Brooch Bouquets

Hello Lovelies,

My brooch bouquets were so stinkin easy to make. I’ve been scouring the Internet all year looking for an affordable brooch bouquet.  Well….there aren’t any! The one I wanted that made my jaw drop was $599. Yup…not happening. So I researched how to make them myself!


I found a dealer in California on Etsy that sells brooches in bulk packs of various quantities, colors, and sizes. I choose a lot of 60 silver rhinestone brooches and 50 purple amethyst brooches. Both brooch packs came as buttons not pinned brooches. This made it super easy to wire.

I found faux bouquets on A Brides Bouquet website and went with simple roses. My bridal bouquet was two dozen purple roses and the bridesmaids had toss ivory bouquets.  In total I paid about $80 shipped.

I tore the ribbon off that they put under the bouquet and separated the flowers just a little. I took a button brooch and 22 Guage tarnish resistant wire I bought at Hobby Lobby and make elbow length strips of wire. Take a strip and fold it in half. Now put one end into the button loop and pull tight until the bent section of your wire that you just pinched in half.  Twist very tightly about 2 inches the loosely the rest of the way. This make your brooch flowers. Do this to all the brooches you want to add.

Note: some buttons will got stay sturdy enough due to weight on top and will flop. That’s ok, just take one more piece of wire bent in half, and find a hole in your brooch.  Put into brooch from the top of the brooch down and twist tight, now gather with first wire and twist tight to create now a firmer wire stem.

Note: Choose a wire that is the same color as your metal. That way you won’t see it at all. Also 22 Guage only. Any thicker will be hard to manage and make your bouquets even heavier to carry. Any thinner and you’ll need triple the wire on each elbow length instead of halves.

Now create your bouquet as you like, secure with one hand and with your other hand wrap the rest of the wire tightly and evenly around your handle. This will thicken your handle so you can ribbon wrap it and make it really look like a bridal bouquet.

Once you have your brooch stems in your bouquet,  wrap the handle with floral tape securing all the wire to your handle. Now you can ribbon wrap it.

To finish my bouquets, I took leftpvers of other things ive used in other projects. The same ivory ostrich feathers leftovers from my centerpieces,  ivory smaller roses from my bridesmaids hair pieces, strands of pearls as well as the skinny black feathers.  But I did it!! I made them and they were gorgeous!



My bouquets cost me about $150-$160 for all four. On Etsy they get much much pricier and with shipping it’s even more.  I did mine in one afternoon. And what’s better than a homemade bouquet where your girls can save as a keepsake or use the beautiful brooches for something else. Fresh bouquets are nice, but these will last a lifetime.

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