Sunday Coffee and Stuffed French Toast

Hello Lovelies,

Sunday is here and I’m extremely calm which rarely happens. I’m a person who is always worried about something. 

“When is this due?”
“I miss my babydoll.”
“Why is my son being a little turd lately?”
“Ugh I hope he gets his check soon.”
“One more day of dumbass drivers and people who joy ride during rush hour traffic.”

But this weekend has been amazing! My babydoll came home for the weekend after our first month of being newlyweds and I find myself happy, at peace, calm, and rested. It’s weird how a single person can bring everything good out of you and can without effort or purpose make you whole. I got up this morning, made some coffee and made stuffed french toast. But not just ANY french toast… my homemade version. Babydoll, when he got home Friday night, brought with him a bag of food. When he is gone, he lives on his truck with a dorm sized fridge. I was putting things away and took the bananas out of the bag by the stem and the darn things came clear off! Now every banana was exposed and open at the tops. Grrrrrrrr, but no worries.

French toast it is! Now 75% of the time, when i cook there is no recipe. There are no measurements or list of ingredients,  just my experiments. Im a cook who knows what she likes, pays attention to good flavor combos and a lover of back to basics.  So here we go.  Take a bowl and mash bananas with fresh nutmeg, cinnamon,  salt, and vanilla. 


In a second bowl, beat eggs with salt and splash of milk.


In a third bowl, mix a block of cream cheese, tsp sugar, vanilla, splash of milk until thoroughly mixed and borderline smooth. I like mine just a little chunky like the size of a grain of rice.


Take your bread, smear cream cheese on one side, put a spoonful or two of banana, place the other slice of bread on top pressing the sides  and dip in beaten egg mixture. Just like a single piece of fresh toast. I had to use my two hands to transfer to my cast iron skillet because of the weight. And browned it on both sides.


The ONLY way to serve French toast is with REAL maple syrup and soft bacon while out on your patio in pjs and a slippers sipping coffee while inhaling the crisp scent of late fall. All while savoring a hot cup of coffee next to the one who takes all of life’s stresses away and thanking God for the blessings.


Happy Sunday Lovelies

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