Triple B Street Tacos Anyone?

Hello Lovelies,

It’s almost time for my babydoll to go back to work for another few weeks and I’ve cooked for him most of the weekend. For lunch today I decided to make my own rendition of both of our absolute favorite street taco. We go to this taco joint down the street all the time and it costs us nearly $30 every time we go! Ironically too we get the same exact type taco lol so why not cut cost, recreate it, and make it homemade for him. 😊


Baja Beer Battered Shrimp Street Tacos

I marinated pre-cooked shrimp in Webers Siracha Garlic grill seasoning, salt, olive oil and few dashes soy sauce in the fridge  overnight.


Baja sauce
-Hellmanns mayo
-Siracha Sauce
-Sour Cream
-Lime Juice
-Salt and Pepper

Take marinated shrimp and lightly shake in white flour, then coat in a beer batter made of half a bottle of Shiner Boch or any medium dark beer with a cup to a cup and a half of flour and wisk. Once coated, heat cast iron skillet on medium heat with an inch of oil and fry shrimp until crispy.





Chop scallion, cabbage, cilantro and create your own taco. So yummy!

Restaurant Price $2.50 ea taco which was nearly $30 including chips n salsa for $1 and cokes.

My own version cost me about $8 total using stuff on hand and half a pound of shrimp.

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