Indoor Garden Update

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a little over three weeks since I’ve planted my seeds. I started an indoor garden because my goal is to use the Back to Eden Gardening method of using mulch to trap moisture and create a garden that needs very little water. Interesting concept huh? Check out the documentary on YouTube, it’s very interesting.

Since my last garden post, we’ve invested in grow lights. The sunlight coming through the den window shades just wasn’t enough and they started getting sad or not sprouting at all. Babydoll and I found grow lights at our local Lowes and they weren’t bad in price. I think about $4 each. We got 4 of them and so far I’ve had to use two and they work just fine. My plants love them too and most of the plants sprouted a day or two after we started using the lights!! Just look…



-butter lettuce
-romaine lettuce
-cilantro (I think! I already have seeds on top 😢)

So far successes:
-pole beans! The beauty you see in the first picture and the tallest plants in the second
-cherry tomatoes
-roma tomatoes
-early girl tomatoes
-purple basil
-Thai basil
-sweet basil
-jalapeño pepper
-chili peppers

I am planning on composting in the next week or so.  That will be the start to the spring outdoor garden. Little by little I’m adding things to our homesteading journey. It’s a slow progression I assure you. But I’ll be posting more often in upcoming weeks. I’ve just gotten the opportunity to do my job at home, so I’ll be gaining 2 hours of my life back by having no commute everyday lol

Til next time!

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