Canning Sweet Habanero Salsa

Hello Lovelies,

Today I decided to make homemade sweet habanero salsa from scratch. Since I am now the proud owner of a pressure canner, I can use it to water bath can too. Salsa is highly acidic so I can’t pressure can it. It will crack the jars and potentially break. So water bath canning it is!

-2 diced habanero peppers diced really small
-2 large tomatoes
-4 medium vine tomatoes
-2 large bell green peppers
-6 sweet yellow mini peppers
-4 sweet red mini peppers
-2 tsp dried garlic
-can sweet corn
-1 whole bunch diced cilantro
-1 large diced onion
-1/2 cup 5% distilled white vinegar
-4 tsp lemon juice
– Salt to taste

Dice everything rather small and bring to a simmer on medium heat until thickened and the flavors develop. I added my corn in with an extra 1/4 tsp diced fresh cilantro just before canning.



With a funnel or very carefully pour the hot salsa in your jars and leave 1 inch headspace. Headspace is a term they use for leave an inch from the top of the jar from the liquid. Using a knife or chopstick like object poke inside your jar. This will get out any air bubbles and prevent nasty stuff from growing. Wipe the edge of your jar with a damp rag to remove drips and moisture. Grab your lid which you soaked in boiling hot water and secure with the ring.

Bring canner or large deep pot to a process in 2-3 inches of water at the bottom of your canner. Place jars in the pot on top of a metal rack so your jars dont break, and bring to a rolling boil, then simmer 15 minutes to process.

After processing, carefully take out of the canner and let cool overnight or for 12 hours. This allows the contents to cool, vacuum seal to take place, and you will start hearing little popping sounds. That sound is like magic!! Now they will last you for many years if you dont use them right away. And you my friends have the sweetest homemade salsa with a kick of habanero pepper. Fantastic for dips or making salsa chicken in your crockpot. If you want spicier add more habanero. I had ingredients leftover from shopping so I made a double batch and the second time I added 8 habanero peppers. Mind you this is a whole pot. Using 2 habanero as the recipe above states only gives a mild version of heat. It will not make you cough or eyes water like some hot salsas do. But babydoll loves spice, so spice he gets!


The above batch made 6-7 pint jars.

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