Frugal Friday: 9 Frugal Ways to Reuse Items You’d Otherwise Throw Away

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Hello Lovelies,

Around the home is the easiest to penny pinch.  Some of the ways I save money in the home is by reusing things I would otherwise through away.  It may not be huge savings, but every penny adds up. Especially if you are on a strict, tight budget.

  1. I use used dryer sheets.  They are perfect for dusting and really do a good job while leaving a light shine kind of the same idea as Pledge.  I keep a grocery bag hung in my laundry room to easily put the dryer sheets in until I need them.  They are also fantastic for taking deodorant residue off clothing simply by rubbing it on your clothes.
  2. I use dryer lint as a fire starter.  Save your toilet paper rolls! Insert a handful of dryer lint and it will easily start any fire.  It is highly flammable.
  3. I use new dryer sheets as air fresheners with a twist.  I put one sheet under each cushion on my couch.  Every time someone sits down, they get a wisp of freshness! You can also use these in your drawers or bureaus to keep your clothes smelling fresh after washing. Or in between your sheets and mattresses.
  4. I reuse grocery bags, bread bags, and cereal bags.  These are great for storing the same kinds of items but also perfect for double layering freezer meals to help prevent freezer burn and not wasting a perfectly good second zip lock bag.  Reuse grocery bags for lunch or for storing bad food you want to put in your trash when you don’t want it to stink.  Put the bad food in your grocery bag, tie tightly, then put in your trash can until you can take out the trash. Or use them in your bathroom trash can.  Bread bags are great for storing homemade bread.   Cereal bags are perfect for most any dry good storage.  Just not long term.
  5. I reuse containers such as butter, cottage cheese, or sauce/pickle jars.  They make excellent makeshift Tupperware
  6. I reuse onion bags for in a pinch dish scrubbers.  They are abrasive when used on dishes and pans.  I wad up a used grocery bag into a ball and wrap the onion bag around it to make an instant cheap scrubber.
  7. Save your toilet paper or paper towel rolls.  Pinterest has a TON of cutesy ideas and ways of using them to create crafty projects and home decor.  They are also great for keeping cords together for your electronics so it looks neater.
  8. Save your milk jug containers for a mini greenhouse.  Simply rinse the plastic milk jug thoroughly, cut almost in half leaving about 2 inches to act as a hinge near the handle.  Poke drainage holes on the bottom.  Put in your soil and seeds and lightly tape shut.  Be sure to take the cap off.  It traps moisture and has a greenhouse effect as your seeds grow.
  9. Save your plastic coffee containers for pots to use with your starter plants or seeds.  They will need to be transplanted after awhile but this is a great way to save money from buying the typical $4+ small pots.

Getting additional uses out of anything will affect your budget. Getting in the habit will open your eyes to other ideas and other ways to save.  One idea always leads to another.

Please leave a comment, suggestion, or something inspiring!

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