Frugal Friday: Create Free Soil/Compost

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My soil was horrible last year. So this year I decided to attempt at improving it. Best of all, it was free!!

Over the winter I’ve saved all my vegetable peels, skins, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, scrap paper, and cardboard boxes. We hand tilled the garden area and made it a little bigger. Doing this by hand is well worth it but no bueno on the hands. I have the blisters to prove it so make sure you invest in good gloves. Simply till your soil about 6″ in depth, add in your food scraps, and layer with broken down cardboard. Keep the veggie scraps on the small side so they’re easier to break down. We saturated the pile with water and covered it. During the process we even dug up some worms which will eat and help decompose your scraps turning it into yummy compost for your garden 😆. It’s a cheap way to improve your soil without spending a lot of money. To add additional nutrition,  we ground up the egg shells and mixed in some coffee grounds as we watered.  Turn over the pile to mix help the process every once in awhile. This is a great way to get good use of things you’d otherwise throw in the trash.

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