Rain, Rain, Go away!

Hello Lovelies,

Here in North Dallas we’ve been getting soaked!  I’m talking days of rain and very heavy at times.  Last night we even got quarter size hail.  Needless to say, my green thumb is turning black quickly and it’s the most irritating thing.  I have such good intentions and do oodles of research only to fumble every time. I tried my hand at starting my own seeds to have that fail due to gnats.  I planted outside Mid-February and reason being is because I did the most horrible dumb thing and listened to the lady at the nursery.

Bad idea!  While I’m sure they are experts in the art of gardening, they also want to sell.  And selling she did!  I spent over $100 only to succumb to Mother Nature.  While this cannot be predicted mind you, Mother Nature is is being nasty to me to this year.  Heck she has been for three years now.  I just cannot get the knack of gardening in my area.  My soil is horrible, the sun is a sauna, and the weather is well….drastic.  When I planted we were having temperatures in the mid 60’s with nights in the 40’s.  The weekend after I panted the temperatures plummeted near freezing and just two short weeks later a frost.  UGH!  You should have seen me and babydoll running out in the pouring rain with stakes and a sheet of plastic.  It was hilarious if my fence could talk hehe. I salvaged what I could and then came the rain.  So much rain that it literally drowned my plants. Now, I have a huge patch of water logged soil mixed with black mulch. That’s it!

I don’t want to give up.  I want to keep trying.  Every year I waste over $100 in preparing my garden, the soil, and invest in organic materials so I am frustrated to say the least.

Are any of you from the south? What techniques do you try?  HELP!!


One thought on “Rain, Rain, Go away!

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