Frugal Friday: Ways to Save Money on Auto Repair


Here are a few tips n tricks to save money on automobile maintenance and repairs. The best way to save is by price matching.  Make a spreadsheet, a simple one will do or a piece of paper.  List all of the local shops along with columns for services and price.  Then call of the shops that you listed and ask them what prices they charge for certain services.  The biggest question is if they price match and to what degree. Some will match up to a certain dollar amount, fully price match, or beat the lowest price by a small monetary number.

Additional savings can also be found using the companys website coupons or coupons that come in regional mailers.  Check to see if they accept online reservations or scheduling because often there is a small sweet incentive.  For example my tires were an additional $5 off per tire with online appointment.  Their website home page and inside lobby are areas they hide savings. Like joining their Facebook page for $5 off.

Parts are always price gouged and its seen more and more everyday.  Try choosing a mechanic that will accept you providing your own parts and just charge for labor.  A great source for parts is a salvage auto yard. They simply collect wrecked cars and piece the good parts out for sale. I often scored parts off newer models than mine!!

Lastly, try it the old fashioned way by buying the auto repair books you can find at Auto Zone or anywhere they sell parts. YouTube is great for smaller jobs like tail light bulbs or replacing a battery. Watch a tutorial and follow along. Pause and rewind as needed!

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