Meat Sale Haul and Facebook

Hello Lovelies,

I was poking around yesterday on Facebook and came across a local meat sale that was happening this weekend. I had no idea!

Everything was grass fed, organic, hormone free, and best of all local. It came by the box or case and on top of that…vacuum sealed! They had beautiful cuts of steak, pork, and chicken. I read the fine print on the Facebook post while ordering and piped up and asked her to flip a coin. The post said that if you ask to flip a coin you could win a free cheesecake (Umm yes please!). They were out but she offered a box of meat instead. Ok! Ribeyes please! We got 26 Ribeyes and a case of chicken which was five different marinated boxes. Total cost $129 for grass fed, organic, hormone free meat vacuum sealed and portioned! I was very excited. Living outside of Dallas finding deals on meat is a big deal.  I was so stoked that we came home and I grilled one of each to try them. I feel like an oompa loompa to say the least lol.

After 5 minutes of grilling I checked on our meat and DOH! We’re now out if gas. Needless to say we ended up transferring everything to the cast iron but boy did we eat. The lesson learned is, check the events section of your Facebook for local happenings in your area. If a company uses Facebook chances are they have a page. On these pages is the option to notify the public of an upcoming event such as happy hour, sales, discounts, or live music lineup. This event shows up in a public event section on the main Facebook. So you don’t have to like them unless you want too. Had I not noticed, I would have saved 10lbs 🙂




Happy Sunday!

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