What?! No Microwave!

Hello Lovelies,

Most people just can’t live without convenience.  One convenience I seriously thought I’d have a hard time with is our microwave.  Interestingly enough, it’s not as horrible as I thought.

So three weeks ago probably almost four, our microwave started acting up.  Now mind you I didn’t think anything of it because it still worked.  However, the inside light blew out and the turn table was non-functioning.  We bought a warranty from Walmart when we bought it and so far it has been an irritating process.  Irritating in the fact that the repair shop has had my microwave now for almost four weeks and has ordered parts 3 times.  I understand Walmart maybe low balling their reimbursement, but almost four weeks?  Needless to say I haven’t been happy but realistically I’ve been making do without one.  While I never purchase a warranty especially on an affordable replaceable appliance, babydoll insisted and wanted a warranty.  I’m kind of glad we got one, but most warranties you will never use until after they are expired!  So far, the estimate has exceeded the cost of what we paid just in ordering parts so it was $18 well spent I suppose.

I turn back on the coffee pot to heat leftover coffee, I use my oven a lot more, and tend to graze less because let’s face it, with no quick nuking of anything full blown cooking is less likely to happen except for dinner.  I’ve missed it, yet I haven’t.  But I am proud that I’ve lived pretty effortlessly without one.  When its fixed who knows?  I may not hook it up 🙂

How many of you do not use a microwave?


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