Frugal Friday: Company Savings

Frugalfridays image

Here we are, another Frugal tip!  Many companies offer some kind of benefit package. A lot of benefits are standard and many people do not pay attention to most of them, but sometimes you may be overlooking a huge savings.  Where I work, it wasn’t until I overheard a conversation in the break room did I know that there were some benefits that would save me thousands.

Here are a few examples:

Car rental discounts, cell phone discounts, membership discounts or special offers as places like Sam’s Club or Costco, hotel discounts, travel discounts, Car manufacturer discounts, gym membership cost share, savings on your health insurance premium, free legal advice, tuition reimbursement, and the list goes on and on.

When babydoll and I went on our honeymoon I was able to use the hotel discount and car rental discount which combined saved us $480 total.  When we renewed our Sam’s Club membership I got $40 in savings and freebies, we use the cell phone discount which gives us 22% off our bill, and due to additional free screenings and fit testing I did during open enrollment for health insurance I got $700 off our family premium for the year. Use what is available to you in its fullest.  Your benefits add a great deal of value to your annual income if you use them.  If you don’t know if your company has such benefits, ask HR. You may be missing out.

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