Mid-Day Excitement by USPS!

Hello Lovelies,

Lately, I’ve been pondering the idea of making the investment and purchasing a laptop for banking and blogging.  Currently, it is done on my tablet and or phone and its a pain in the tuckus! I wanted something much more convenient, but I didn’t want a high end computer. I don’t need all of the frills.  Just something to get online with, pay bills, blog, and watch You Tube.  I really didn’t think I’d have one until the end of the summer at least.

With my father in the computer industry, I messaged him Friday morning asking if he had one for sale because i was shopping for one. Well, daddyoh came to the rescue and had one shipped to arrive on my doorstep by lunch time today!!  Oh the possibilities now! Truly a blessing and I am so thankful.  I just cleaned it and fired it up 🙂  Sorry for the streaks hehe

Happy Monday All!


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