Frugal Friday: Repurposing Versus Trash

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Hello Lovelies,

I was watching my daily YouTube channels and they are doing a collaboration amongst numerous channels doing a 30 day challenge.  30 bags of trash/donate items in 30 days so one bag daily to declutter your home.  In watching these video’s I am cringing. I thought the concept was genius because it is not overwhelming, but that also tells me these people spend way to much money and do not truly think about their purchases and purchase wisely. Now they don’t throw items away properly, at least in my opinion. Here’s what I mean.

Instead of throwing away used notebooks, rip them out of the spiral or tear them out using the perforated edge and either put them in a binder for spare lined paper or cut them in half for grocery lists or scrap paper.  If they are perforated and 3 hole punched to start with by tearing them out and popping them in a binder, you now have lined paper you’d buy in a plastic sleeve anyway during the kids school year or just in general.  Do the work!  One woman threw away partially torn out notebooks!!  My gosh!

Instead of throwing away binder clips, use them as chip clips or bag clips.  I actually don’t have proper clips for food and things because I use binder clips I got from the Dollar Tree and also from extra office supplies I had.  They work the same way and hold pretty darn tight.

Instead of throwing away old stationary, duplicate staplers, rolls of tape, paperclips, notebooks, rulers, sticky pads, or whatever else you coupon for, purchase on a whim, have hoarded year after year that was intended for the kids to go back to school that you’ve never used or from that job you left thinking you’d make a home office…..don’t trash it and don’t donate it!  I see these gals donating stuff like this to Goodwill.  Why?  We have plenty of school systems that are broke and are relying on parents for supplies.  Donate to a school instead.  Even if it’s too decorative for school or a little fancy.  Teachers would love to rummage through a box of free stuff they can use in their own day or in their classroom.  It’s a nice treat versus donating to Goodwill to be resold or potentially trashed by them.

Be creative with where you give your hard earned things.  You worked so hard to obtain that item in time, effort, and money.  Show the same attention to where it goes if you don’t need it.  Someone can use it and Goodwill isn’t always the answer.  Extra baby food, try a food pantry.  Extra lawn supplies, try a nursing home or a local church.  Office/School supplies, try a school or youth center.  Toys, try a daycare or church whom often watches children during services.  Actual usage to me means more than donating for someone else’s profit.  There are donation centers that are not for profit yes, but I hear a lot mentioning Goodwill.  Which does use our items in their stores for profit.   It may take a little extra few minutes but it is worth knowing my items are being used.  Donations are sifted through and to some standards cannot be resold even if you feel it is a good item.  Take charge of your stuff.  After all you paid for it.  Help your local community first.


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