Dollar General Haul & Coupons

Hello Lovelies,  

The other day I was made aware that Dollar General was having a 50% off clearance sale. They didn’t have a ton but they did have an entire section full of odds and ends. I was able to score some fantastic deals! This sale was really good so we went to two different locations.  

When I tackle these stores I first look for coupons and their store app. More often than not their app holds coupons. Good ones at that. Dollar General and Dollar Tree take manufacturer coupons further maximizing your savings. 

For example: if Colgate toothpaste is on sale for $1.99 and their app has a .50 off coupon, you can use the $1 off manufacturer coupon that Colgate usually offers with the app coupon and pay $.49 plus tax. For me this is a “buy a case” price if I have enough coupons. 

I found an in store sale for scented unstoppables and other laundry crystals. They had a variety of scents and we’re all 9.7oz. It was awesome! Buy 3 get $5 off. They were normally $5 each so ultimately I was buying 2 getting one free. Their app had $2 off coupon. I bought 6 for $30 total minus the $10 off and my coupon for $2 off. Total cost was $18! If you use my laundry detergent recipe you can melt these as you boil your mixture to scent your soap or used as directed. 

Babydoll loves flavored waters to use on the truck. They often range from .60 to .99 each. I bought 15 bottles on clearance for .99 each. With 50% off clearance they were .49 each. What I didn’t know is they were reduced further to .29 each! 

Kool aide 19oz powder mix was also on clearance marked down to $2.27 and also marked down further. I got 2 for $1 each. 

50 ct Popsicles (old fashioned ones in a tube) were .30 each. I got 2 packages. 

I have found with Dollar General that when something is marked down, often once you check out you’ll find its even lower. It’s a beautiful surprise. 😁

By using their app, I got a $1 coupon just by signing up. What made me even happier was the fact that on my receipt I got a $5 my next purchase coupon plus I got a $5 my next purchase coupon link texted to my phone for this weekend. Oh I guess I’ll have to back hehe. 

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