Winter Prep and Football

Hello Lovelies,

I have had the best few weeks! My auntie came to visit us for 10 days and my Lord we never stopped. Canning, building our rocket stove pit,  baking, you name it. I think i gained a few pounds 😮. My son started football as a defensive line man and is in his 8th season of soccer as a goalie so needless to say this mama’s busy. I have to say watching him play football is really unbelievable. At his first game, I was at the bottom of the bleachers and spotted him on the field and yelled “Oh my God he’s beautiful!!” Just a little too loud. Thankfully HE didn’t hear me. But seriously, I cannot believe how old that moment made me feel when I finally sat down. 18 years ago, I was standing on the field in the same school colors cheering my heart out, feeling the rush of excitement as our boys ran on the field.  I did get a ton of video though and even my dad got excited watching them and going over the play with my son telling him where he went wrong. It made my heart smile. In my family, my sister and I were very involved with school especially cheerleading. We both helped coach the Pop Warner girls when we were in high school and for me I cheered nine years! Pop Warner, high school, and college.  Our dad played in high school and coached Pop Warner football so it was in our blood. Now, I’m on the other side of the fence. The funniest part of this, is that I can remember most of their cheers haha.


I managed while my aunt was here to teach her how to pressure can. It was so much fun and I think I even raised an eyebrow once or twice! Ok! I call my pantry gorgeous and I jump with delight when my jars pop okay! 😊 I’ve gotten our pantry and fridge stocked with nearly 200 jars of jams, pickles, beans, meats, sauce, veggies, potatoes, soup, butters, and pickled veggies. We also dehydrated minced onions and bell peppers. It’s amazing how much water content is actually in peppers because the end result of a 6 bell peppers yielded less than half a cup dehydrated.

Winter’s coming shortly and we still have a ton to do. My fall decor is finally up! Fall is my most favorite season and reminds me a lot of home. Pumpkins, apple spice, pies, squash, soups, chilis, fire pit, and hot apple cider. Heaven on earth. So because the weather is cooling a bit or at least enough so the heat doesn’t kill us, we need to get ready for winter. The bushes need to be trimmed down, lawn needs edging, weeds pulled, sticks gathered for the fire pit, then there is inside. Canning, dehydrating, rug shampooing, and out comes all my cinnamon and candles! Yankee Candles of course. 

My auntie went home this weekend and already our home feels a little less full. Thankfully, babydoll is still home. My son had great saves as goalie of his soccer team yesterday during their first game! He was so pumped, it also made my heart smile.  He is truly beautiful and I feel so blessed. My son’s accomplishments,  my aunts visit, Fall is here, and life abundant.  
Happy Sunday Lovelies

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