Life Among the Roses…

Hello Lovelies,

Spring is coming quick! I cannot wait.  I’m nearly jumping up and down wishing it was here right now.  But all in due time, God’s patience is such a blessing.  Look at what he creates! This morning I noticed that our roses are finally blooming.  This is our first rose bush and it grew out of control last year making it very bushy looking.  It was quite the feat to cut down all of the branches especially seeming the stems were really thick.  I was quite surprised.  Now down to a manageable bush, I am very thankful we got flowers.  I had never cut a rose bush before and it was really a cut and pray type situation.

Halfway through, I noticed plastic.  What!  Who has plastic in a rose bush.  I began to just grab it and quickly noticed that it was the same plastic we covered our garden with last year and about this time of year too.  I had to cut numerous branches to get to where the plastic was, but oh my gosh! It was a small birds nest. Very well constructed and quite elaborate for using twigs and plastic. Don’t you think?

Hey! It kept me amused for a few. 😛

Our rose bush is beautiful when fully bloomed and the thick thorns have no mercy. So why would a small bird build a nest among thorns? It was beautiful and I had to stand back and just admire it.  The home was built among something that was strong, painful, yet beautiful.  A mom going to great lengths to protect her children.  We may be different creatures, but it melted my heart to see how intricately placed the nest was.  Protection. Just like you and I.  I love that we have small animals around our home and that I’m able to be blessed to see such things.  I often watch the squirrels from my office window who walk along the outside window sills and the rabbits scurrying across the front yard in the early hours of morning.  Nature always makes me smile. In some way, we are all the same on some level. At least I’d like to think so.

Happy Friday Lovelies.  May your weekend be blessed.








2 thoughts on “Life Among the Roses…

  1. One year we found nests made with the tinsel from someone’s Christmas tree…all glittery and twiggy. In another nest we found one of my youngest’s socks that had gone missing from the clothesline weeks before. Obviously birds are dedicated to recycling!

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