Morning Coffee & Garden Update

Hello Lovelies,

During my morning coffee outside enjoying our beautiful garden, I discovered that I now have flowers!!  Oh…if you could see me jumping for joy and then spilling my coffee on my foot, you’d laugh like hell.  Seriously, it’s coffee abuse!  Coffee to me is like air.  Despite this little mishap and delay in admiring my garden, I realized that two plants have flowered.  I’m so incredibly happy!  I’ve been stalking my garden since planting hoping that by doing so I can catch anything that may go wrong and quickly fix it.  Or am I being paranoid?  I don’t know. But for now, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  After so many failed attempts I’m determined to bear fruit.

My soil is doing well.  I see no bugs or insects crawling, no white spots on the leaves of my plants, no yellow leaves indicating that they are over watered, just happy and healthy plants! Phew!  I have noticed that they’ve grown taller too.  It’s amazing what a 5 days can do in regards to their growth.  Here’s a peek 🙂

everything seems more beautiful from a different view

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