Mobile Apps

These are money saving apps I use daily on my phone.  Each one serves a unique purpose and its really the ease of the app that keeps me addicted.

checkout 51-Checkout 51– Grocery app for useful coupons you would almost never see. Get weekly deals on produce, milk, fruit, and other unusual things to have a coupon for. Take a picture of your receipt, upload it to the app. The discounts are applied to your running balance. Once you reach $20.00 they mail you a check!! I score all the time on milk, bananas, melons, tomatoes, potatoes, and bread. These things typically never have a coupon so its nice! Also a good way to further stack coupons.

cozi-Cozi– My calendar app. See my post “Get Cozi”


gas buddy-Gas Buddy– with the help of GPS, I can search for the cheapest gas station based on my location

tt-Tom Thumb– my nearest grocery store where I can select coupons to be downloaded on my rewards card.

e c-CVS– To manage my Extra Care Bucks which are like GOLD!

SC-Walmart–  Walmart has a new feature that allows you to upload your receipt on their website, they automatically price match or price check your receipt to ensure you have the lowest deals.  If they find a competitor lower, you get the difference back in savings!!  All this savings you can obtain on a gift card at the register.

ibotta-Ibotta– Even more savings when you redeem the coupons for products you buy already like milk and bread.  I use this with my other apps and it gives me even more savings on one item.  Payment is transferred to either PayPal or store gift cards.

fp-Food Planner- This app is basically a grocery list but with a feature i love!  I can input weight, package size, quantity, and price for each item on my list.  I do this every time I shop which helps me with pricing.  It also totals at the bottom of the app so I can stay on budget.

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