Homemade Enchilada Sauce for .87?!

Hello Lovelies, Mexican food is a lot easier to make yourself than people realize. Sauces and condiments are even easier.  All it takes is the usual suspects like onions, peppers, garlic, mixed with additional ingredients that make it unique, and patience. I'm the kind of gal that refuses to get basic dishes at a restaurant … Continue reading Homemade Enchilada Sauce for .87?!

Canning Weekend and Bulk Food Shopping

Hello Lovelies, Happy Monday!  Boy do I have achy feetsies today.  My feet hurt from all of the canning I did yesterday, but it was so worth it.  I ended up getting three more flats of pint jars during my run to Winco along with bulk spices, bulk veggies, and beef marrow bones.  I just felt like … Continue reading Canning Weekend and Bulk Food Shopping