This blog is intended to be inspiring and motivating ONLY.  My intention is to take you along on my journey through learning to become debt free, homesteading, learning to become more frugal, and learning to minimize my own life to endure more happiness.

Since I don’t receive anything from you nor promise anything to you, I renounce any liability from your decisions based on the free information contained in this blog. Therefore, if you intend to use any information from this blog in any manner, you automatically consent to the following during our journey together to living a more debt free and frugal life:

#1: Don’t rely on anything in this blog for your financial moves. I am not a licensed or degreed financial planner.  Any financial advice given by me or any of my readers should be evaluated with the help from your own financial planner before making any life altering financial decisions. While I will be offering ways or ideas where you can overcome adding to your current debt or paying off your debt, you should assume most of my decisions may not work for you as each person has their own unique circumstances.

#2: I have not and will not perfect debt free or frugal living. As you begin reading my journey and where I’ve been, you may find yourself in a similar position and this blog may be your motivation in reaching a debt free, more simple life (this is my hope for everyone reading). Everyday is a learning experience and one can never stop learning.  So no one is perfect.

#3: I intend my journey to offer open dialogue. If we want to make our discussions helpful, then we need everyone to offer their input, suggestions and rebuttals to the discussions. Your input alone may be what is needed to help someone else struggling to reach their goals.

#4: I am not using this blog to promote or sell anything.  My suggestions, examples and mistakes are my own. Please feel free to chime in on them with your own personal examples. I am not selling anything, including reader feedback or comments. Although there may be advertisements on this blog, they are not endorsed by me. Please use your best judgment while selecting these financial products since they may be distracting to your overall goals. This blog is free so I cannot guarantee any of the advertisements that may show up on my blog page.  If I place something I believe in, have used, or am using, I will make a specific special page for it in my menu.

#5: This blog is 100% my own content.  I do not have contributors although someday it may be a thought.  I give real life examples of things I try, make, cook, clean, type, create whatever it may.  All of the life images are my own taken with my Smartphone. My opinions are in fact my own from experiences I live, read about, research, and educate myself about. I also write, monitor, and maintain this website. I am no expert, just human.