Home Management Binder

**I’ve upgraded to a bigger binder with more printables.  Click here~!

I’ve watched a TON of videos regarding a home management binder, a home brain, kitchen bible, you name it!  I decided finally that I would try it.  Who knows if it will work, but it’s worth a shot.  I’ve printed a lot online and just Googled “free printable xxxxx” and whatever I was looking for in place of the xxxxx.


I have a 1″ binder with sheet protectors, 5 tabs, and 2 folders. I have the following inside my binder.

  • 1 Subject Notebook
  • Auto/Vehicle history – so I can keep track of when I put new tires on, maintenance, oil changes, warranty info etc.
  • Goal Sheet – To write down my short-term and long-term goals
  • Financial Section – I wrote down my budget for everything!  I use this in conjunction with MINT an app on my phone that maintains my budget.
    • Copies of my bank statement and Social Security Statement
    • Monthly budget worksheet
    • Copy of Dave Ramsies SnowBall Method (brief overview)
  • Emergency Contact Sheet
  • In Case of Emergency Sheet – I put all emergency info such as police, fire, hospital name, poison control etc.
  • Medical Info Sheet – Doctor contact info, medication my son is on
  • Birthday Sheet – Sheet with 12 months so I can keep track of birthday’s
  • Laundry Stain Guide – Natural remedies for common stains
  • Kitchen Measurement Guide
  • Ingredient Substitutions Guide
  • Pantry Inventory – Listing out all the basics I should have on hand and how many
  • Freezer/Fridge Storage Guide – Tells me how long I can safely keep things
  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule – So I can space out my cleaning and keep it more manageable
  • Passwords Sheet – To write down my passwords/sites for everything
  • School Section – To keep all the paper’s my son brings home organized so I can keep track plus his school calendar, shot record, IEP Plan
  • Seed Schedule – When I start my seeds for my herbs and veggies I can log them with a start date, sprout date, etc to help me keep track.
  • Recipe Section – My favorite household staples like detergent, bread, butter etc.
  • Envelope for receipts until I can log them in MINT and properly categorize them
  • Contracts – For my sons band rental, car insurance, renters insurance

The inside pouch on the inside cover I labeled “Take Care of Me First” with a sharpie.  I put all upcoming bills here.

I’m going to try this for a few months, add things, take out things, and really make this my own.  I also have a $1 planner I got from the Dollar Store to keep in my purse and I have Cozi on my phone linked to my son’s phone to stay on track of our calendar.

Review to come shortly…..gimme a few months!

Please leave a comment, suggestion, or something inspiring!

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