Connections! Connections!

So yesterday I minimized. It was nerve wracking at first because afterall it IS Craigslist. But the gentleman and his sister who came to grab my things were actually really sweet! 

He was newly divorced himself and he grew dedicated to filling his time giving back and helping people. He collects things off Craigslist, Freecycle, yard sales etc to help build apartments for shelters and those he meets along the way who need a little helping hand. I think thats why I gave so much! I would be helping someone else and that made me happy. 

He noticed my balcony though was bare and my bed is on the floor, well my mattresses are. As we shared our divorce stories, he said “you work hatd raising your boy. You need a timeout place. You gave to me now Ill give to you”

I have an appointment with him and his sister to put up a bamboo blind to block the sun, a small table, and two chairs on my patio so I can drink my wine and relax…finally!! He surprised me even more by offering a bed frame. I am so thankful we met. Im going to continue to go through my things and minimize. Another thankful thing I received was a place I could sell my vintage watches. All and all…..

Great Day!

Week 1: Setting Myself Up for Success!

So far this week I’ve done the following:

  • Opened a bank account and savings account as another bank.  (ex works for the one we had and I want no chances he has secret access lol!!)
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Signed up and configured Mint (as written in previous post)
  • Made an appointment to consign my old clothes
  • Lowered my two cell phones to the lowest plan available for what we need
  • Started implementing a weekly menu
  • Started a grocery list
  • Signed up for a grocery saving site with coupons!
  • Started collecting the grocery flyers from the two stores I use for menu planning.
  • Downloaded Gas Buddy (an app) on my phone to search for lowest gas prices based upon my GPS location
  • Started this blog for my own accountability

Off to a good start!!

Mint: A Cool Financial Tool

I just signed up for Mint.

It’s a financial tool I now use to create a budget and stay on top of my finances.  One thing I love about this site is it enables me to embed my bank accounts (scary I know! but most major companies and banks allow them to link so I’m not that worried), categorizes my transactions to fit in my unique budget categories, and keeps a real time tally of what I spend.  I can look at a graph or chart to see where most of my money has gone. I get suggestions such as low interest credit cards if they are lower than what I currently have, setting life goals, obtaining 401k’s and CD’s, its really neat!!! I did have Allstate car insurance and learned I was paying 26% higher than the average and was brought to other companies for a quote…..ended up saving money with Liberty Mutual.  Score!

I set up text and email alerts so when I break budget…..DING!!! I get immediate notice to stop me dead in my tracks.

This works for me……what works for you?? What are ya’ll doing?

I’ve been following America’s Cheapest Family and even they recommended Mint along with one other site I didn’t really pay attention too.  I’ve used Mint in the past, but like other things I let it go over time.  Now its back and downloaded as an app on my Android.

I make it a point to look at it each morning to start my day knowing exactly where I am at.

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