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Beginner’s Homemade Cold Process Soap Tutorial -Oatmeal Lavender

Hello Lovelies,

This week we are making homemade soap! We love making our own natural products. It saves us a ton of money and is very rewarding.

Here is our You Tube video on how we make oatmeal lavender soap using essential oils. It is in depth and a little long. Hopefully this will inspire you to make your own! Don’t forget to subscribe to our new channel.

Homemade Soap Video

My Addiction

CAST IRON!!!  OMG where have these been all my life?  Well, here, there, and everywhere, but I never knew how good food tastes cooking with them.  I can go on and on, but they are really easy to maintain, easy to cook on, and the food comes out incredible.  I have one for small one for eggs, one for biscuits, one I cook only meat in, and one I cook one pot meals or veggies in.  I have yet to get my Dutch Oven I’ve been begging for, but hey I’ll get there. lol I also never cooked on a gas stove until this past February too! 11178302_10205660179856635_5511573412609164171_n I belong to the Cast Iron Group on Facebook and see all the time people posting pictures of their INSANE cast iron collection or cast iron finds.  I’m so jealous, but I know if I had that many I would never use all of them. I’m just happy with the few I have and I will never ever ever go back to regular cheapy pans again.

I also checkout Marshalls and TJMaxx because I see cast iron there all the time.  I scored two smaller pans for less than $15 total.