About Us

Hello Lovelies,

My name is  “L”,  thank you so much for visiting!  I’m a very frugal wife, mother of six boys, follower of Christ, blogger, poet, lover of everything food, organizing guru, and soap maker.

My husband “Babydoll” and I, are very different from the rest of our family.  We didn’t grow up on farms or anything even remotely close.  We believe in hard work, good morals, family values, and always doing the right thing. Nothing comes easily without good old fashioned hard work and the want for something greater.

Although, we have no farm animals as of yet, unless you count our counter pets…

We try to do as much as we can ourselves using old methods of being frugal. From gardening to composting, canning , baking, making our own beauty products, non-toxic cleaners, and DIY projects. I’m a firm believer any one can homestead anywhere.  In the city, the suburbs, the country, in an apartment, or on a farm.  The depth of homesteading depends on your lifestyle and your long term goals. Neither of us were raised a homesteader. We weren’t even raised in the country.  We had very conventional childhoods, filled with processed foods, sugar rushes, spending without blinking, and never thinking twice about where our food came from or how important saving was. We’ve come such a long way in the past few years, made more than a few mistakes, but none the less we’re learning as we go.

I’ll show you how I did it, our failures, successes, and everything in between.


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