From Scratch Pretzles & Christmas Ramblings!

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Babydoll came home a day early which was quite the surprise!! He was away for 3 weeks this time which isn’t  bad compared to how long he has been gone in the past.

We attended service at our church and got to see the beautiful live nativity scene they created with a live goat. It was just a magical night where all stresses go away, you forget about what has gone wrong, and for just a moment your mind goes into a peaceful place. You look around the room, gazing, and as people catch your gaze they actually smile. It is also the time people stop being greedy if only for a moment and do good things for others. People start to give back. A few years back I was at dinner with my son a few days before Christmas. We have a great friendship when we go out. He’s such a cool little dude. A couple saw that it was just us out and they knew us from church. They remained anonymous as I have no idea who they were, but they paid for our $67 dinner bill. I have never been so blessed as i felt that moment. I was a single mom using my bonus for our dinner that night.  It was such a beautiful gift.  I enjoy this season because it brings out the best in people. Even if it’s for a day or a moment. They did know me, but didn’t entirely know my situation. They have no idea that I was using the last money I had in my account to bring my son out for dinner because he saved money to take “me” out to dinner. I knew he didn’t have enough. That gift was a blessing. It warms the soul doing good things for other people no matter how small. That one simple, small gesture may mean the world.

After church, we came home to wrap. Neither of us really wanted to wrap so we decided to exchange our gifts on Christmas Eve and leave Christmas Day to my munchkin. OMG I got a Kitchenaide Stand Mixer and a large Pressure Canner!!!Ahhhhhhhh! If you could picture me squealing.  Now he’s rethinking his decision because he’s on the couch crippled by his overstuffed tummy that is full of chicken n dumplins soup, biscuits and gravy, vanilla cake with homemade whipped cream, cast iron Dutch baby pancake with real maple sryup, and homemade salted Pretzles and homemade cinnamon sugar pretzles.

“No more!” I’m told. Lol

Well, we had a beautiful holiday. We stayed home, watched movies, cooked, baked, prayed, and ate. Life is as it should be. God bless.







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