Hello Lovelies,

Here are some questions I get asked quite a bit.   If you have a question, please feel free to ask!

Why do you address your readers as “Lovelies”?

It is just a name I give everyone!  I call my husband and my son “Love” and my friends “Lovelies”.  A blog/website is personal so you are not just my readers.

Where do you live?

3 bedroom rented home that is about 2500 sq.ft. just north of Dallas, Texas

What do you do for a living?

I work full-time from home in the pharmaceutical industry.  My husband drives a big rig truck across country.

What religion are you?  You mention God in a few of your posts.

My family is Christian.  Both of us were raised Catholic.  As adults, we renewed our faith and instill Christianity in our household.

It sounds like you make great money.  Why do you live so frugal?

Great question! Nothing in life is guaranteed for one thing.  But when I met my husband he was in the oilfield which as you know has taken a downturn.  Driving truck is based on work given.  So income is not guaranteed.  So I based a lot of our home and our budget on my income because his is unreliable.  He can be out of work at any time.  Living frugally is also preparing us for another round of parenthood as we are trying to conceive.  We work to live not live to work.  This all started really after I was a single mother for many years.  I use the same principles I used then, now.

My Goal:

To inspire others.  Being a woman is HARD and having a husband who is only home weekends is even harder.  So I do a lot to make my life easier.  By going back to basics I can focus more on my family and having quality time when my husband is home.  Our long term goal is to live in the country so we are preparing for what lies ahead.


Please leave a comment, suggestion, or something inspiring!

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