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Money is the key player in life.  It can make you or break you in most cases unless you’re absolutely self-reliant.  Now we are not fully self reliant as of yet.  In due time.  If you are anything like we are, that financial stigma that has been looming overhead is now pouring.  By pouring, I mean torrential!  We have learned a lot, some good and some bad. In the course of 10 years, 2 marriages, and a divorce for both of us, needless to say the financial bucket is full of crap. Honestly, we are no different than most Americans.  Past mistakes that you’ve shoved under the rug in hopes they’d dissolve to dust, have now resurfaced and made their presence well known.

Part of homesteading and being self reliant is no debt.  None!  Owe no one any thing. Period.  Living simply means not being tied to the hip of someone else who is profiting off of you.  I’ve yet to read about a homesteader in any part of the homesteading process or style of homesteading that was knee deep in debt and living self reliant. The two cannot go hand in hand.  Part of our personal homesteading journey, is just that.  Making up for past mistakes and paying things off.  No debt.  Repeat after me.  No debt.

Here’s my own yukky financial story before divorce in 2013…

  • always at the cusp of shutoff or disconnect of utilities
  • always riding that fine line for repossession of vehicles
  • always late on rent
  • always changing providers
  • always barely making ends meet
  • always scrambling for money
  • lack of financial communication between spouses
  • lack of focus or goals between spouses

Here’s my husbands yukky financial story before his divorce in 2014…

  • late payments
  • lack of financial communication between spouses
  • lack of focus or goals between spouses
  • always scrambling for money
  • throwing money away paying for others

Sickening right? Now speed up to the end of 2016…

  • current on all bills (not including debt)
  • paying off debt
  • paying more than the minimum on vehicles
  • never late on house payments
  • shop providers annually or negotiate
  • building a savings
  • building an emergency fund
  • saving for a home with acreage

Success!  We still have a long way to go, but like anything else, you have to start somewhere.

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