Frugal Friday: Waiting for Purchases

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Hello Lovelies,

I always shop for the best opportunities to save a dollar especially with online purchases. In doing this, I often save coupons most of which are online that either come to me via email or from subscriptions to site mailing lists that will give a coupon or money off of my first or next purchase.  You can also wait until holidays.  Many companies and online stores will offer free shipping on that holiday or around that holiday.

Recently, I bought a bakers rack to house my cast iron.  I included a picture below!!  I’m so happy at how it turned out and I got the idea off of the Cast Iron group I belong to on Facebook.  This rack was $69 and had shipping around $30 or so because the box weighs about 33lbs. By waiting until Presidents Day to order, I got free shipping and had a $5 coupon I saved.  I  get free $5 coupons by taking surveys that my bank offers about my experiences about the branch I was most recently in.  Always check to see if there are perks to doing surveys for the companies and or vendors you use regularly.  This survey was for a $5 Amazon coupon. I ended up getting a $99 purchase for $64.

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